University Tours: What To Do and What Questions To Ask


You've listed the universities you want to attend as well as their program offerings for the course you'd like to take up. So you schedule a tour to explore these schools just to see how it will feel like. When you get thee make the most of out the trip by learning more about their programs and what they have to offer students.

Start making arrangements to make the tour worthwhile. Schedule it longer - some tours last an hour or two while others spend an entire day. If you're serious about attending the university, schedule to be in a class where you plan to major on, interview students and faculty.

If you plan to live on campus, spend the night in their dorms, eat in their dining halls, make sure you get time to attend other school events like a game or a club meeting and also make sure to get some alone time to feel what it's like.

Apart from faculty and students also be sure to meet with an admissions officer and a financial aid officers to know admissions requirements and the options available to you should you decide to attend their school.

Bring a map with you and if you have scheduled meetings with anyone on the university, be sure to have their contact numbers so you can remind and update them about your appointment.

In case you're afraid you might get too excited and forget what you need to ask, here are some questions you should take note of:

Can I know more about the program?

You've probably visited the website or have spoken to an admissions officer who explained details to you. You probably have some follow up questions or concerns that you might want them to address, this is your perfect chance.

What facilities are available to students?

This is very important if you're majoring in courses that would require the use of certain facilities and equipment. Having the right infrastructure and organization setup up and prepared to cater to students' needs is essential when choosing a university.

What it's like being a student here?

This is your future, be sure to ask all your questions about how it is studying in their school, what the professors are like, the campus community and students - making friends and hanging around, campus activities and events.

How much does it cost to go here and are there available opportunities for financial aid?

Be sure that you will pick a university you can afford to attend and will not strain the family's finances or put you so deep in debt. Inquire about how much housing will cost and what's the average cost of daily living for students. Most importantly, ask about financial aid and how you may qualify or become eligible for one.

Is this a great town?

If you're moving away from home, then this is one questions you shouldn't fail to ask. What does the town offer - where can you shop for food, books, clothes as well as entertainment and dining. What are the events and things you can do during weekends? Are there tourist attractions to explore? Get to know important dates like holidays or festivals so you can make the most of your stay early on.

Is this the right university for me?

This is one final questions that only you can answer after you've done all the preparations and gone with the trip. Remember to consider the long term benefits of your decisions against the short term ones. Also consider the impact it will have on your family and your life - if the university is a fit with you academically and socially.

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