Sony Xperia Ear Release Date, News: Sony Xperia Ear Is Up For Pre-Order, Device Works Like A Personal Assistant [VIDEO]


The Sony Xperia Ear is now up for pre-order in Europe. The new earpiece accessory of the Japanese tech company is a wireless device that works like a personal assistant.

Sony has just launched the new Xperia Ear smart earbud, which they announced during the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The Sony Xperia Ear is like having Google Now, Alexa or Siri, but instead of talking to a smartphone, a person can directly communicate to the earpiece, Android Community reported.

The Sony Xperia Ear resembles a person wearing a Bluetooth headset and being able to talk hands-free. This means that a user don't need for a smartphone in their hand just to connect and have someone to talk to.

Furthermore, Sony Xperia Ear can read a person's WhatsApp and Facebook messages, and if a user nod, that person can dictate replies to them. In addition, Sony Xperia Ear can perform web searches, help a person navigate to a location, read the news, tells a user about the weather, and keep a person updated on their schedule, Android Police has learned.

That being said, of course, a person will actually have to purchase the accessory to experience Sony's Agent Technology personal assistant. However, the new earpiece accessory from Sony is not exactly cheap. The Sony Xperia Ear shipping won't begin until mid-November, so, in the meantime, a person will have to watch the promotional videos to see Sony Xperia Ear in action, Slash Gear reported.

Tech fans can now pre-order the device from Sony's online stores in Europe. The Xperia Ear will cost a person £179 or €199, and Sony will then send back a EUR 50 or GBP 45 voucher toward any smartphone purchase on the Xperia Store. The caveat with the voucher is that a person will have to purchase that smartphone through Sony's online store. 

Watch The Video Here:

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