Gal Gadot Discusses Wonder Woman’s Sexuality and Her Good Heart [VIDEO]


Wonder Woman got fans hooked into the character. Through Gal Gadot portrayal of Wonder Woman, the character has proven how truly wonderful Wonder Woman is. Her Lasso of Truth and extreme energy brought more much-needed action in "Batman VS Superman."

Wonder Woman will be having her own solo film feature in 2017. This is the first Wonder Woman movie within its 75-year history. The major news for Wonder Woman recently is about her sexuality, as emphasized by USA Today.

According to an interview with Comicality, Greg Rucka (who has been long-time writer for Wonder Woman) verified that Wonder Woman is bisexual. Fans have already made hunches of the same thought for how many years of Wonder Woman's comic appearances.

The comics stint may be different from the movie. So the question is, if the Wonder Woman in the movie could also be bisexual? In a recent interview with Gadot, she said that this possibility is not something that they have explored yet, but she went on to further explain that the idea may not come to the table.

Theoretically speaking, if we consider women in Themyscira including the years that Wonder Woman spent there, then all of what Rucka said may have made sense. In her first movie, Wonder Woman will not be entangled with any bisexual relationships. But this is not the main thing about Wonder Woman. She is someone who adores people for exactly who they are, therefore she can be bisexual since she loves people based on their hearts.

Gadot have also emphasized that the core theme of the movie is anchored on Diana's deep heart and love. Director Patty Jenkins wants to emphasize Wonder Woman's capacity to believe in good and to believe that people should be happy and lead safe and happy lives. Gadot said that it is important to give this emphasis for the portrayal of Wonder Woman, instead of just portraying her as a goddess.


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