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‘Criminal Minds Season 12’ Episode 3 ‘Taboo’ Recap: Emily Prentiss Is Back, Rossi As New Head Of BAU?[VIDEO]


Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is back for "Criminal Minds Season 12" episode 3. In this episode titled "Taboo," the team flew to Florida to work on a case where the Unsub bury its victim alive in a barrel with cement.

Emily told the team that she's lending a hand to the team because SSA Aaron Hotchner is out on a special assignment. The team is happy that she's back and maybe, the loyal followers of the show are happy too.

E!Online reported that Paget Brewster's character has been busy running the Interpol for the past couple of years. She was set to appear in the series for six episodes only, but it seems she's back for good.

According to TV Fanatic, this week's serial killer likes to kill single mothers. The Unsub for "Criminal Minds Season 12" episode 3 already had two victims and both are single mothers and while the team are working on the case, another single mother went on missing. It is a mystery to the team why the Unsub choose an elaborate method of disposing the body or why is the Unsub sees the need to give each victim chemical lobotomies using Clorox.

The team formed a theory that the single mother's reminded the Unsub of his own mother. The also believed that the Unsub is into manual labor - someone who's familiar with cement and have access to chemicals. They also asked Penelope to look for women 30-40 years of age who has severe damage in the frontal lobe. In "Criminal Minds Season 12" episode 3, it Rossie who's in-charge of giving orders to other members of the team. Is he going to replace Hotch?

Through the information they've gathered, Penelope was able to locate Lynelle Barker who had damaged in the frontal lobe that resulted in her hyper sexuality. Her only family was her mother, Gloria Barker and her adoptive brother, Stuart who works for Blue Breeze Pools which makes proves their first theory.

As it turned out, Stuart was not Lynelle adopted brother, but she's actually her son. Stuart witnessed Lynelle's hyper sexuality and was somehow affected by it. He killed his biological mother because she refused to sleep with him. He also wanted to kill his grandmother because Stuart believed that she failed to protect him from seeing Lynelle's hyper sexuality.

"Criminal Minds" Season 12" episode 3 ended with Luke chasing down Stuart and catching him. Emily and Luke settled their difference and are becoming friends.

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