What Is the Best Introduction for Motivational Letter?


When you're hunting for a new job, it's very important to submit an impeccable application. The resume is not easy to write, but you can get around it by following online tutorials. The motivational letter, on the other hand, can give you real headaches.

This document should show how you will benefit the organization and why you're the right person for that particular job. In other words, it has to be quite focused.

How do you even start? That's always the most important part of the process. There's no right way to answer that question, but there are few openings that work. Keep in mind that the introduction has to stand out, since it's the part that awakens the interest of the hiring manager.

In the continuation, we'll give you some tips that will help you craft the right opening for your motivational letter.

1. Job Title and Experience

This is possibly the most common way to start the letter. Although it's an expected opening, it's still pretty effective because it gets straight to the point. Here is an example:

"As an IT professional with entry-level experience in the IT industry, I learned that the most effective way towards success was by following specific objectives. One of those objectives is career progress, and your organization can give me a chance to achieve it."

2. Connections

If you have an impressive professional network, it's okay to give hints about your connections in the motivational letter. If you have a mutual contact with the hiring manager and they are willing to give you a recommendation, you can drop the name in the introduction. This trick will instantly awaken their interest in you as a candidate, especially if the person you mention is an influencer.

"My name is John Dale and I am writing to express my interest in the social media manager position in your organization. I recently spoke to your marketing coordinator Monique Roberts, who suggested I contacted you about the job because of my relevant experience and strong interest in the field."

3. Show your excitement

This is a cool way to start a motivational letter, since it shows your motivation. You get the point, right? If you're very enthusiastic about the particular position, then go ahead and explain that you would be a motivated and committed employee. Here's an example:

"I have a very strong interest in pursuing a career in the insurance industry. I believe I am the perfect candidate for this position because I have the experience, skills, and motivation that will help me excel in it."

Extra Tips on Opening a Motivational Letter

  • If you cannot start writing the letter no matter how hard you try, you can look through reviews of writing services and choose an agency that will connect you with a professional writer.

  • Don't forget to use the right keywords in the intro. Hiring managers use keywords to search through their database, so they should be able to locate your letter. In the introduction, mention the position, and few skills relevant to the industry.   

  • Start writing the letter as soon as possible. You'll need some time to work on it, so it's never too early for the first draft.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you write the perfect opening, which will grab the attention of the hiring manager. Good luck! 

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