‘South Park’ Season 20 Ep. 4 Spoilers and Titles Released; Synopsis and Release Date Announced [VIDEO]


"South Park" Season 20 episode 4 will be aired on Oct. 12; however, there were no official promos that were released by its creators, while fans are all persistently anticipating for this episode.

Recalling from the previous episode of "South Park" Season 20, a police investigation was followed by Cartman's unexpected halt from social media. Gerald was trolling users on the internet, which eventually triggered the suicide of a Denmark Olympian. There was a noticeable war which will be starting, and this is absolutely different than last week's episode inspired by the U.S. Presidential debate, CSN reported.

According to Mobipicker, episode 4 will highlight Cartman and Heidi's relationship. Their romance bloomed after the former's deactivation of his Twitter account. Creators of the show Trey Parker and Matt Stone are shifting their focus on plot continuity, thus, a continuous storyline can be expected for the last seven episodes of "South Park" Season 20.

At the moment, the series is still on its weeklong break. Although there is no official word about "South Park" Season 20's weeklong break, its official broadcaster Comedy Central said that the delay was caused by technical problems.  According to IGN, the overall plot of this season will have no individual identity. Comedy Central has not yet officially release the official synopsis of the upcoming episode.

However, it was informally announced that "South Park" Season 20 episode 4 has a working title of "Wieners Out." The story would start as Kyle wants to reconcile the rivalry between the boys and the girls. On the other hand, Gerald felt anxious because of his trolling after his secret was revealed.

Meanwhile, "South Park" Season 20 has a pre-planned "dark weeks," wherein there will be weeks in a month where they will not air new episodes at all. This has already been the series' practice since Season 19, and the dark weeks would normally fall after episode three, episode six, and episode eight.


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