New Sony RX100 V: Specs, Price and More


Sony just recently released the newest version of its RX 100 that the company brags its the best camera of its kind.

The latest version of the Sony Camera has recently arrived, featured in Wired.The all-new Sony Cyber-shot RX100 (Mark 5) is produced based on its prototypes' amazing foundation in what Sony now calls the best and the fastest camera of its kind.

The camera is able to have a shocking 315 autofocus points on its 1-inch-type CMO sensor, which is a synthesis of phase-detection as well as contrast-detection AF sensors. This means that the newest camera produced by Sony has the ability to take photos up to 24 frames per second alongside with an autofocus system that could be adjusted between the shots.

The sensor has a similar stacked design from the version before it. A memory card is located under the sensor, which speedily transports data from the sensor and aids with buffering while shooting at fast speed. The shutter speed is also fast as well as the data shuttling, which is a helping tool to avoid images become distorted as well as the "rolling shutter" effect caused by the CMO sensor, reported in Cnet.

Besides the Auto Focus prowess of the RX100 V, Sony made sure that it remains all the features that consumers loved from the previous version. A 960fps slow-motion mode, that enables a user to take footages which are similar to Phantom and also includes a 4K video, a 1.8 zoom lens (24mm to 70mm), controls are fully manual as well as Wi-Fi with NFC pairing.

It still is very small, to the extent that you could put it inside your pocket but its performance is at par with those bigger cameras. This amazing gadget is currently priced at $1,000. The good thing is, when a new version arrives, the prices of those versions before it lessens, which even considered an old version, could still be considered as the best pocket camera there is in the market.

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