'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Offers Action-Packed, Planet-Destroying Experience to Players


The Dragon Ball series have celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this year, marking three decades of amazing battles, wish-granting dragons and planet-destroying fights.

A lot of memorabilia and tokens have been produced in addition to the original manga, while the anime adaptation of the story has been enjoyed by kids of all age worldwide, Gematsu reported.

Moreover, the company also has a whole bunch of video games, wherein a total count of 50 video games have been adapted from the manga story while half of those aren't made originally from its home region, Japan.

For instance, "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" was the latest console jaunting for the Z Fighters as well as the universe's assorted brand of self-aggrandizing villains, producing a moderate to critical acclaim and a general positive reception from supportive fans.

Right now, its sequel titled "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" has cut connections with the latest generation gaming consoles, tailoring its semi-open-world gameplay for the present platforms that enables long-term series developer such as Dimps, to build what is virtually the biggest and grandest Dragon Ball world ever made, Dual Shockers reported.

The game is included with Japanese audio together with a dub-track, the presentation of characters sourced from "Dragon Ball Super," or the strip-to-the-core fact that the game's story transports its players into a different and legendary Dragon Ball past: "Xenoverse 2" is critically written by fans, made by fans and for the fans.

Built with four main story parts in the work as chapters of DLC as well as vague promises on the alleged 60 frames-per-second gameplay in the final level of the game, "Xenoverse 2" is a good refined version of its predecessors' amazingly rendered take on the adventures of Goku and other characters.

As to the combat aspect, the game seems to have a decent gameplay that will surely inspire a bigger number of audience to evolve their consoles into a whole new level, but for those players who are contented with just a Super Saiyan God, "Xenoverse 2" is an amazing avenue to live up the Dragon Ball dream.

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