Newest Version of 'Five Nights at Freddy’s' Slated To Be Release on Fall 2016: Movie Franchise Might Be Delayed [VIDEO]


While the "Five Night at Freddy's" movie adaptation is being delayed, a new game version of "FNAF" will be released sometime in the Fall of 2016.

The moment that the news regarding the possibility for an official movie installment for crowd-favorite horror game saga "Five Nights at Freddy's," many fans are anticipating to know the release date updates and other information regarding the matter. This year, a lot of rumors have surfaced about this release and whether or not it can be pursued.

Fresh news have become dried up for quite some time since The Hollywood Reporter got an exclusive interview with the producers about their plans on the game's movie adaptation.

Since the production team have been very quiet for the longest time, rumors of the cancellation of "FNAF's" movie version spreads widely, alongside with some real information with regards to its productions' delay.

These delay talks are very much logical since "Five Night at Freddy's: Sister Location," the most recent version of the hit video game, is going to debut sometime in the Fall of 2016, and this may be precisely the reason why script writing are adjusted to be able to cater fresh characters that are going to be showcased in the game's sequel, MNR Daily has learned.

Individuals behind the game as well as the production staff of its movie version have been very meticulous in sharing information about whether the movie is going to pursue or be cancelled. However, there are information that sheds light to the possibility of the movie installment to be happening anytime soon. One of which is a Twitter post by the "FNAF" movie director Gil Kenan a number of months ago, saying that the movie version of the popular game hasn't been cancelled and that they are still working on it.

Just recently, the game creator of "FNAF" Scott Cawthon responded to a worried fan question, that is whether the movie is going to be possible or not, on the forums of Steam. He reassured the fan that they are working on the script as of the moment.

A lot of movie installments from popular games are made rush or the fans' impatience especially during the development process which could necessarily ruin everything. Thus, the only thing that supporters could do is wait patiently and follow updates.

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