Rachael Ray Talks About Underemployment And College Students Settling


Rachael Ray is one of America's favorite celebrity chefs, cooks, authors and TV personalities. While she is known for her food and her cooking, many do not always figure that they have insights to the future of America. This is what Rachel Ray has to say about America and employment right now.

She voices the concern of many Americans when it comes to the economy. "The American public is fed up with being underemployed," Ray says to CNBC. She echoes the sentiments of many young graduates and professionals out there who are not doing what they should be doing. And although the employment rate of the country is rising, Ray says that America still has "skilled people that are doing jobs that are not skilled."

She does note that the country is on a good path on bringing jobs back but she emphasizes that underemployment is an issue that the American workforce is facing.

In recent reports, 5.9 million workers were underemployed in September because they are unable to find full time work or their work hours have been cut. And the biggest hit is on America's youth.

The Federal Reserve of New York reports that college graduates are hit most with underemployment. Because college graduates end up settling for jobs that do not even require a college education. What happened to their degrees and four year course investment? A whopping 44.5% of recent college graduates settle. And what is also an issue is that women landed the lowest skill and low wage jobs because, according to reports, "young men could take more physically demanding and higher paying jobs."

If you are a college or university student, your major matters. The Federal Reserve researches indicate that those who major in Liberal Arts and General Business are more likely to be underemployed than those with nursing or engineering majors.

Right now, these majors are looking at underemployment: criminal justice, performing arts, leisure and hospitality, anthropology, and art history.

Hungry for some snacks? Check out Rachael Ray's video below:

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