Missing Arizona Teen Found Dead In Oregon

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Croom's SUV was found Wednesday in Riddle, southwest Oregon close to Interstate 5, two days after he was supposed to begin classes at Mesa Community College.

Dwes Hutson, Douglas County sheriff's spokesman, said that the death is now being investigated as a suicide.

Monica Croom, his mother, said that her son was 'super smart' and had Boy Scout experience. He was travelling alone and was returning from Seattle, where he visited a female friend.

Apparently, the teen discussed the book 'Into the Wild' with his parents and expressed his desire to run away to a friend, which was revealed through text messages sent to that friend.

David, Croom's father said that his son might have been attracted to the adventure and wanted to experience the thrill.

"He was talking to another friend that it would be great to just leave penniless and just work along the way and get resources like they did in the movie," David said.

Croom's ID card, sweatshirt, blanket and jug of water were found in his vehicle, things that are required to survive in a jungle.

"I think we have kind of a combination there," Hutson  said. "He talked with his parents about 'Into the Wild,' and in text messages we've looked at, he does specifically talk about running away, kind of just running away from his life."

Monica said that her son's vehicle didn't break down, it had sufficient amount of gas and money was also found inside the SUV.

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