5 Best Career Paths They Don’t Tell You In College


What exactly is the best career path for you? At one point, Angelina Jolie even envisioned to become a funeral home director before she became a successful actress and humanitarian.

While many aspire to become an engineer, a data analyst, a surgeon or a business man/woman, there are some careers out there that are also fulfilling and rewarding. And there are schools that can teach and prepare you for the job.

Choosing your career path is a stressful thing to consider and mostly overwhelming for students. These may not be heavy hitting jobs like being a lawyer or a doctor but these are important careers that one can consider, according to Bustle. There are career paths out there that they don't tell you about in school and even in college. Consider these:

1. Be in the Waste Water Treatment Business! It is a dirty job but it is a well-paying and scientifically or environmentally inclined career.

2. Be a Flight Attendant. It is not just for girls. Guys get to do it too. And they are paid to fly around the country or even the world.

3. Technical Writing can be a career with or without a degree. There are schools that offer classes like in your community college. It is also offered in your English or communications classes.

4. Be an Interpreter or Translator of more than one language. Being a certified interpreter can be quite an interesting job. There are companies out there that are in need of individuals who are fluent in several languages and are certified. There are often opportunities to do translation work on line, too.

5. Fancy a Job in Funeral Services? It is a grim job for some people but someone has to do it. Otherwise, who else will service our deceased relatives and connections? Working at a funeral home is not the first thing you might think of but it is considered to be a respectable job and long-term career. And it pays well, too! Even Angelina Jolie considered becoming a funeral director.

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