Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date: 4K Display Not Standard; Device with Monster Specs Debut in Q2 2017?


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to sport 4K display but tech analysts don't think so. Here's the reasons behind Surface Pro 5 delay!

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to get Intel Kaby Lake processor?

The first rumor that has been swirling for awhile is the processor to be used for Surface Pro 5.

The 7th generation core processor, Intel Kaby Lake, is not yet available but it is said to have the powerhouse that is also power-efficient. This makes sense since the Surface Pro 4 has a problem with its battery. The new processor would increase the performance and reducing power consumption as well. According to HNGN, the Kaby Lake is 'not available for shipping at this time'.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to be available in two variants - 2K and 4K display?

Microsoft could roll out two variants of Surface Pro 5. One with 2 K display and the premium device with 4K display. If the rumors are true, the fans should expect a first-ever hybrid laptop to have an immersive visual experience with its 4K screen resolution.

The 4K is the top improvement that could boost the sales. However, according to Neurogadget who investigated many speculations from tech writers, the upcoming Surface Pro's 4K display might not be able to render 4K content. Another assumption points at the paid-for feature to add in the laptop while the others will sport conventional 2K panel.

Redstone 2 possible launch would be in early 2017. With that being said, the Surface Pro 5 will not likely to be introduced this year.

The Redstone 2 will bring many improvements for the device productivity with lots of enhancements. However, the update is reportedly delayed and rescheduled to 2017, Windows Central reported.

Aside from the much-improved Surface Pen, the iteration is expected to have USB type C port and Nvidia's GPU. However, many speculations also point at the use of AMD latest GPU coupled with 16 GB RAM.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date

With the components' shipment imminent, it is unlikely that Surface Pro 5 will get an early 2017 release. The possible timeframe for its launching schedule is on the second quarter of 2017.

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