Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Leaks: Till This Awesome Hybrid Laptop Launched in 2017 - Stick to Your Old Tablet!


The Surface Pro 5 is a highly-anticipated hybrid laptop expected to be released this year. However, it is unlikely to be revealed this October!

Should you wait for Microsoft Surface Pro 5?

With all of the unconfirmed speculations, the fans are getting curious and furious while waiting for the Surface Pro 5 release. Some of them are doubtful whether it will be launched in 2016, hence, they have planned to purchase another device.

However, there are a few reasons why you should wait for this next gen Surface Pro in 2017.

Firstly, the Intel Kaby Lake is going to be power efficient but doubling the performance. It is an obvious upgrade since the Surface Pro 4 has battery problem. It is also rumored to sport USB type C port - which enables speedy data transfer.

That's not all. The Surface Pro 5 is said to sport 4K Ultra HD display - the first of its kind. For users who don't have extra budget, they can opt for a lower-end hybrid laptop variant, with the 2K display instead. Other feature includes 16 GB of RAM, and a pair of cameras with 16 MP and 8 MP lenses.

Surface Pro 5 release date: No-show at October event?

After investigating all the rants circulating through the web, it can be argued that Microsoft might likely reveal three all-in-one PCs in the October event, The Verge has learned. However, it is highly unlikely for the company to launch the next gen of Surface Pro. This is due to the fact that Intel Kaby Lake will have a next-year release. Hence, the company might still have a long way to go before it reveals the Surface Pro 5.

And judging from a previous leak, as reported by University Herald, when a developer spotted a placeholder for a new laptop device with '2017' printed on it - it could hint to the upcoming device release in 2017.

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