AMD RX 490 Release Date, Update: Dual-GPU Graphics Card Doubles The Price?


AMD RX 490 is a highly anticipated graphics card that can likely have better performance than the GTX 1080. However, many have doubted whether the hefty price and the possible release date of next year - could win the heart of the consumers. 

AMD RX 490 rumor: The computing power

The specification and performance are the two most-speculated items attached to AMD RX 490. One of the speculative information has stated that the graphics card would be using a Polaris-based architecture. The other rumor however, has believed that RX 490 will come out as a Vega card.

There have been many leaks including the one from Videocards that has listed the RX 490 specifications believed to rival Nvidia GTX 1080. It will likely have a base clock of 1200 MHz with 16 GB of VRAM, as reported by HNGN. Another rumor suggests that the powerful card will be compatible for 4K gamings.

AMD RX 490 pricing

The RX 490 could come with a hefty tag, $699. Given that there are many other cards that perform better at the same pricepoint, people are doubtful whether this card will boost the sales.

AMD RX 490 possible release date

AMD seems likely to introduce the Vega cards in 2017, as Wccftech reported. With that being said - RX 490 that is rumored to be launched this year - cannot possibly be Vega-based.

If the 2016 release is to be believed, then there is another possibility that AMD RX 490 will come as dual GPU card that is powerful, power efficient and pricey as well. Furthermore, if RX 490 is just an upgrade of the previous cards, it would have been released simultaneously with RX 460 and 470.

A report suggests that AMD could release RX 490 in November 2016 whilst the other claims that the card is very likely to be launched next year as a Vega. Regardless of which one will come into fruition, the fans will have to wait for the official announcement.

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