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Armed Clown Reports Prompts Shelter In Place In Merrimack College


Merrimack College was put on shelter in place on Monday night. This comes after an armed clown was reported to have been roaming the campus.

In an article by Patch, it was revealed that, along with the shelter in place, a dorm was evacuated as well. It was lifted before 10:30 p.m. At 9:36 p.m., Merrimack College sent a message to students urging them to stay indoors.

"All students are to shelter in place," the message read. "Monican is evacuated. Suspicious person dressed as a clown may be armed. Await further instruction."

Police was able to search the campus but found no clown and no arms. The school announced that it was just a hoax.

According to USA Today College, police responded to reports on Twitter that a clown with a pitchfork was seen on campus. One dorm was evacuated because of reports that a clown was on the third floor. A clown was also allegedly seen in the woods outside of the college athletic center.

The school has admitted that the reports were part of a Twitter hoax. Police are still on investigation.

Merrimack College is one of the most recent schools that has fallen victim to clown sightings. There have been a lot of creepy clown sightings in various states. These funny guys are said to be luring children, as reported in South Carolina, and women into the woods and some were said to have chased people down with weapons. Other clowns were also purportedly using money to lure people to follow them.

It was previously reported that multiple calls were made to the Georgia Southern University Police last month about a potential clown sighting. However, when officers investigated the concerns, there were no witnesses that saw the clowns in person.

Apparently, it all started with a picture that circulated on social media three years ago. The George-Anne, Georgia State University's student paper, confirmed that the creepy clown sightings were fake.

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