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Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs & Rumors Round-Up; Five Signs That Point Towards A Soft Delay For Surface Pro 5


While Microsoft continues to remain mum regarding its purported handset dubbed the Surface Phone, rumor mills are already churning speculations regarding the Surface Phone 2016 release date, specs and pricing details.

Latest reports claim that the device will soon be securing a spot for the company in the continuously growing mobile phone arena. Meanwhile, optimistic gadget freaks are hazarding all sorts of guesses, especially one centering on the device's features that's likely to be included in the company's next big thing in mobile phones in which the most notable is the inclusion of the Surface Pen. The much lauded accessory is likely to come alongside the phone upon purchase similar to other brass brands in the market.

Moreover, the smartphone might come with a removable keyboard just like the Surface Pro tablet-laptop hybrids. But that's not all! The purported smartphone is said to arrive with a feature that some claim is unheard-of in the smartphone arena, according to VineReport.

Furthermore, the smartphone is said to come with a biometric scanner that will embedded directly onto the phone's screen. Previous reports have suggested that the Redmond based tech giant has filed a patent for the said feature, and if rumors proved to be true, the said attribute could be featured in the upcoming Surface Phone.

The Surface Phone will be up for grabs in two more iterations in bid to cover most of the target market. Rampant rumors also suggest that the much awaited handset will hit the store shelves this month alongside a slew of other Surface branded products including the Surface all-in-one (AIO) PC and the Surface Pro 5.

The next-generation handset is not currently associated with a definite release date, but if rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, Microsoft will finally be gracing the mobile realm this month.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Will Not Be Launched This Month?

Meanwhile, those waiting with bated breath for the Surface Pro 5 are likely to be in for a really long wait, and here's why.

Lack Of Official Word About The Surface Pro 5

Microsoft continues to remain tight lipped and has divulged no details about the Surface Pro 5. The company hasn't said much about an upcoming event or showcase either.

No Rumors Or Speculations

In addition to lack of official details, rumor mills seem to have completely ceased churning 0 speculations around the Surface Pro 5 as well.

Redstone 2 Release Pushed Back

For those unaware, Microsoft's fourth major update to Windows 10 dubbed, Redstone 2 was delayed until 2017 earlier in March; this was reportedly done in favor of a new wave of Microsoft branded Windows 10 devices.
Intel's Kaby Lake Delayed

 Although its not yet officially confirmed, the Surface Pro 5 is said to feature Intel's latest brand of Kaby Lake CPUs. That being said, the full range of chips is unlikely to be even made available until 2017. If Microsoft opts for one of the current processors, it would be quite challenging to manufacture and ship the mammoth number of units essential for a successful launch. In other words, if the CPU isn't ready, there will be no new tablet.

Advertisement Push

Its no secret that Microsoft has been quite aggressive when it comes to advertising its Surface line since the past few years, and that's the case even today. Microsoft recently rolled out a new Surface Pro 4 TV spot (shown below) that's garnering mixed reactions, iDigitalTimes reported.

Irrespective of how the ad was received, it's surprising that this commercial was even put out. This could be a clear indication that the company budgeted considerable promotional costs for its current-gen tablet. If Microsoft was indeed gearing up to launch a new one, it is highly unlikely that new ads will be aired.

Combined with the aforementioned four signs, it looks like the Pro 4 will still be up for grabs throughout the holiday season.

The Surface Pro 5 has no release date associated with it at the moment, but the Surface Pro continues to be on shelves.

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