Apple Macbook Air 2016Rumor: No Kaby Lake, No New AMD Polaris, Set for October Release alongside Macbook Pro 2016?


The wishlists continue to grow about what to expect in Macbook Pro and Macbook Air 2016 but the analysts' verdicts should be able to shed some light.  

Apple rumor: Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 2016 specifications

The features rumored to equip the Macbook Pro 2016 include the OLED touch bar called Dynamic Function Row, USB type C port, and the latest AMD graphics processor.

However, analyst Daniel Matte speculates that there won't be any new AMD Polaris processor squeezed under the hood of the Macbook Air or Macbook Pro 2016. While Apple does not comment on the rumors, the news that has come from the Forbes should be reliable.

Furthermore, analyst Rhoda Alexander also claims that the use of Kaby Lake chip is unlikely given the timing. And the fact that there is a wider range of Skylake processors available in the market compared to a few of the mobile Kaby Lake - should also corroborate the speculation.

Apple rumor: Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 2016 design

Going further with the design, the upcoming Macbook Pro is said to undergo a facelift - having a slimmer design and flatter keyboards. The laptop is said to have 'smaller footprint and shallower curves on the casing'.

Apple rumor: Macbook Air to be released alongside Macbook Pro 2016 in October

Apple superfans should expect to see the upgrades in Macbook Pro 13.3 inch and 15.4 inch variants, also the Macbook Air in 13.3 inch variant.

While there is no confirmation from the tech giant, Bloomberg has already spoken to internal sources regarding the upcoming Macs. The information claims that Apple plans to launch the laptops 'as soon as October'. We have heard the rumors on September release date but it is highly unlikely since it is only a few days left.

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