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2016 Presidential Debate Fact Check: A Look At Donald Trump's False Claims


The 2016 Presidential Debate saw Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump face off with the Democratic party's candidate, Hillary Clinton. They discussed several issues that the American people are concerned about.

BuzzFeed did a 2016 Presidential Debate fact check on the claims that Donald Trump made at the event. It was revealed that some of his statements on the Iraq War and ISIS, among others were false.

1. Iraq War

The Republican presidential candidate claimed that he "did not support the war in Iraq" and even repeated that he "was against the war" moments later. However, this contradicts the statement he made back in a 2002 interview with Howard Stern.


Trump accused Hillary Clinton of battling with ISIS for her entire adult life. The Independent reported that this would have made the terrorist group 50 years old or the Democrat a young child. Moreover, he also falsely claimed that Clinton and President Obama caused the rise of ISIS by leaving Iraq when the agreement to remove U.S. troops from the country was negotiated under the previous administration with President Bush.

3. Climate Change

At the 2016 Presidential Debate, Trump insisted that he did not call climate change a hoax. This contradicts his tweet from 2012 which says, "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

4. Ford

According to Trump, car manufacturer Ford would be cutting jobs in the U.S. when it shifts some processes to Mexico. Ford CEO Mark Fields has denied this claim, telling CNN that "not one job will be lost. Most of our investment is here in the US. And that's the way it will continue to be."

5. Pregnancy and Career

When he was called out by Clinton for saying that "pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers," Trump denied the accusation. However, it was revealed that he did say that back in 2004 during an interview with NBC.

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