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Huawei Nexus 7 Release Date, Specs, Features & Rumors: Google Gearing Up To Launch Andromeda On Huawei-Made Nexus Tablet & Pixel Laptop?


It looks like Huawei is somehow still working in collaboration with Google on the Nexus project, which reportedly is turning into the "Pixel" project as Google's purported flagship smartphones will be launched under the Pixel moniker.

Rampant rumors have previously hinted that Huawei is indeed working on an unrevealed smartphone, but also likely a 7 inch next-gen Nexus 7 model or similar (conceivably under the Pixel 7 brand).

Moreover, if recently surfaced rumors are anything to go by, Google is gearing up to announce a new hybrid OS which combines Android and Chrome OS features together. Dubbed as Andromeda, the new OS is slated to land aboard a Pixel 3 laptop late next year. If rumors proved to be true, the Andromeda software could be first rolled out on a different device, most likely a 7 inch Huawei-made tablet.

In other words, the search-engine giant is gearing up to launch its impending Andromeda Android/Chrome OS hybrid on a couple of devices including a Huawei Nexus tablet and a purported convertible laptop, 9To5Google reported.

The latter device was recently reported on by Android Police, and now several publications including KnowYourMobile are independently confirming that the device is indeed in the works. Multiple sources for the aforesaid publication confirm that a Huawei Nexus is also in the offing.

Currently branded internally as Huawei Nexus 7, there's hearsay that the Chinese tech firm was originally roped to develop a new Nexus 7 running on Android OS, which has since shifted to being developed bearing Andromeda in mind. There's a possibility that the branding will catch up towards release and will be unveiled as a Pixel device.

Nevertheless, this does seem to be the same Huawei Nexus 7 device that has been leaked earlier.

Apparently, there are enough evidences that confirm this device being the same Huawei-made Google tablet that popular tipster Evan Blass tweeted about not too long ago, and possibly related to the trademark filings that surfaced online back in April.

Rampant rumors claim that devices capable of running Android OS may also be capable of running Andromeda, as reportedly Andromeda is being tested on the Nexus 9 internally.

Meanwhile, Google continues to remain mum regarding the 7 inch Huawei-made tablet's release date, specs and other details; however, rumors are rife about the purported slab launching before the Pixel 3 laptop which is slated to hit the store shelves in Q3 2017.

If previously leaked spec details are indeed correct, the device would need to be released sooner rather than later in bid to not become outdated.

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