Physical Education Technology Market Posts an $8 Billion Revenue


A recent forecast predicted that the market for physical education market is said to grow globally and will generate up to $8 billion in revenue by 2020. This happens because more and more educational institutions are acknowledging the importance of health and fitness.

Through the years educators and educational institutions have put so much premium on STEM courses because of the vast opportunities they provide after getting out of school. However, the winds are changing because physical education is soon gaining ground to be equally lucrative. Thanks to the renewed interest in health and fitness and the academic benefits physical education provides. The analysis identifies three prevalent factors what caused this growth.

An increasing emphasis on alternative education is one of the factors why global physical education technology is growing. Aside from this, a lot of physical education instructors are incorporating technology in their curriculum. The use of technology impacts data aggregation and analysis.

"Differentiated instruction plays a crucial role in ensuring equal learning opportunities for all students while emboldening teachers with appropriate tools and technology. Therefore, the traditional practice of one-size-fits-all does not seem to be relevant and effective these days," said Jhansi Mary, a lead analyst.

Another factor is the increased involvement of educational institutions in physical education and the use of software solutions along with data-capturing devices. They then integrated these to other devices in order to aggregate data from the various physical fitness activities of their students. These data give insight to instructors how they design their lessons and fitness programs that fit each student's need.

Lastly, the education sector has recognized the importance of physical education in academics as research shows that it enhances attention and concentration. Moreover, physical activities improve a child's cognitive skills which lead to improved academic performance. Because of this, educational institutions are beginning to put premium on physical education as well.

These factors along with the long-term impact of physical fitness to the health and the fact that students spend most of their time in schools and campuses encourage them to use this opportunity to promote physical education awareness to students.

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