Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date In India Confirmed For October 7; South Korean Relaunch Of The Device Pushed Back?

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Samsung was slated to launch the Galaxy Note 7 in India earlier this month, but in the wake of the smartphone's battery cell issue, the South Korean handset maker ended up suspending sales instead in order to replace all existing units first.

Much to the dismay of those waiting with bated breath for the Note 7 smartphone in India, they received messages informing them that their scheduled shipment will be delayed.

Fret not! According to a new report, Samsung is gearing up to relaunch the Galaxy Note 7 in India on October 7, and no prizes for guessing, the launch will be accompanied with a zealous marketing push in bid to inform consumers that these radically augmented new units are completely safe, SamMobile reported.

Moreover, in its marketing efforts in the country, Samsung will certainly be highlighting that the new units being sold in India have been manufactured separately and that they are not repaired or refurbished versions of the units it has recalled. The South Korean tech giant will be competing with Apple's iPhone 7 in what can be rightly dubbed as one of the most lucrative mobile markets in the world. This makes it even more important for Samsung to aggressively market the Galaxy Note 7.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has recently been concentrating on Indian market in bid to boost its share. In other words, Samsung will have to ensure that consumers retain confidence in its devices, especially the Galaxy Note 7, even more importantly because its successor is not scheduled to hit the store shelves until late 2017.

Meanwhile, Samsung has delayed resuming sales in its home market as Note 7 owners aren't returning fire-prone versions of the handset quick enough, according to reports on CNN Money.

A significant drop is expected in the number of South Korean stores where customers can get their replacement smartphone - from over 20,000 to about 160 - as soon as the new Note 7 device is launched. This will make it a lot harder to continue the exchange program.

Samsung had originally planned to make the new devices - which according to the company won't come with batteries that catch fire while charging - on sale on Wednesday, but that's now been pushed back until Saturday.

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