Campus Gun Law Causes Ray LaMontagne's University Of Texas Concert Cancellation [VIDEO]

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Ray LaMontagne canceled his scheduled show at the University of Texas at Austin. The cancellation was due to the recent implementation of a new state law allowing permitted gun owners to conceal carry their weapons in public places. The show was supposed to take place last September 22 at the University of Texas' Performing Arts Center Bass Concert Hall.

The artist said that as soon as he heard about the implementation of the campus gun law, he tried to do something so as not to compromise his scheduled show. He immediately requested for the show's exemption from the gun law. His effort, however, failed him as the University of Texas president Gregory Fenve's office denied the artist's request. The Campus Gun Law took effect on the said state last August 1.

La Montagne said that he is trying to be open minded as a human being. He also stressed that he is trying to look at the matter from another people's point of view and that he understands that there will be various reactions and responses over his decision.

The singer-songwriter further explained that he just cannot support the ideology of the Campus Gun Law. He also added that among all the many things that the country needs, he does not believe that guns will one of them, The Rolling Stone reported.

The university administration later released a statement saying that they respect the singer's decision. They, however, maintain their decision to implement and abide by the state law regarding the carrying of weapons. They also cited that under state law, they are not allowed as a university to prohibit licensed gun holders to carry their firearms within the university premises.

LaMontagne and the rest of his band including the Morning Jacket members announced the refund of the tickets at the point of purchase, The Billboard reported.

Watch this video for more of the story.

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