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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date And New Monsters Announced [VIDEO]; The Highly-Anticipated RPG Duo To Get Pokemon Bank Support Post Launch?


Pokemon buffs, rejoice! A slew of never-before-seen Pokemon have just been announced for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," and interestingly, these also tie into the game's day and night course.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect from the upcoming role-playing video games in the Pokemon series.


First off, the fighting type Passimian, which is exclusive to "Pokemon Sun," but players can still acquire this unique monster in the Moon version of the game by trading it with a friend. As far as it origin is concerned, Passimian seems to be based on lemur, such as sifaka or the ruffed lemur, according to reports on BulbaPedia.


Following that is a normal psychic Pokemon dubbed, Oranguru. Though this monster originally hails from "Pokemon Moon," those who have the Sun release, can trade with their friends. No prizes for guessing, Oranguru is based on an orangutan.

Evolutions For Rockruff

Next off, we have the evolutions for Rockruff. Interestingly, Rockruff evolves into a couple of peculiar versions based on what time of the day the evolution takes place. Despite a striking difference in their Midday and Midnight forms, both evolved versions of Rockruff are called Lycanroc.

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Upcoming Features

Aside from the aforementioned new monsters, it looks like "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will feature a Pokemon grooming setup dubbed as Pokemon Refresh, which basically allows players to clean their Pokemon and keep them in high spirits, Forbes reported.

Watch the trailer shown below for more details on the extensive customization available for the players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

In other news, The Pokemon Company announced earlier this week that the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS RPG duo, "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" will receive a radical upgrade in the form of Pokemon Bank support following their retail debut in November this year, DigitalTrends reported.

What do you think about Pokemon Sun and Moon's newest unique Pokemon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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