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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Release Date, New Monsters And Modes: How To Cut Down The Need For Items With Pokemon Refresh Mode?


The ability to groom our player avatar in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was reported earlier, and it was just announced that trainers can now pretty up their Pokemon as well, giving them the well-deserved pampering.

Grooming your Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is not done in the spirit of self-admiration. Instead, Pokemon Refresh boasts a much more sensible function, one that could significantly cut down on the large number of mandatory items a trainer has to carry around. With the help of the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen, players can clean Pokemon's fur and cure their status effects and do a lot more, all in bid to building a lifelong bond.

Pokemon Refresh is a mode that players can engage with outside of battle. Just like Pokemon Amie, they can pick a Pokemon, and wash their fur or pet their faces as per their personal liking. In order to further deepen the friendship, trainers can feed Poke Beans to their favorite monsters, and petting Pokemon will make them even more attached to their owners, Polygon reported.

This will reflect in battle, where the outcome of Refresh alludes to higher evasion and longer endurance rather than fainting in a jiffy.

Moreover, if a Pokemon is paralyzed or poisoned, the trainer will be able to use various tools to put them back on their feet again, according to a post on "Pokemon Sun and Moon" official website. This is by far the best feature included in Refresh, since curing status condition usually requires the use of Poke Center and more importantly, items. With the introduction of the Refresh feature, a round of heavy petting is all it will take to heal your favorite monster. This could do wonders for your bag, and your wallet.

However, it remains to be seen if there will be any sort of limitations to the status condition-healing abilities of the feature that is still under wraps. More details are likely to surface on November 18 when "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated to hit the store shelves.

In other news, The Pokemon Company recently made some important announcements about the impending role-playing games in the Pokemon series, including delay for a highly anticipated feature and the reveal of new creatures.

The newly unveiled Pokemon is called Passimian, and it uses a moved dubbed as Ability Receiver that enables it to acquire an ability of a colleague who faints in the midst of an ongoing battle.

The second newly announced monster is Orangur, a normal/psychic type that uses a fan-like object made of leaves. Orangur will only show up in "Pokemon Moon."

In addition, The Pokemon Company also announced midday and midnight forms of the Pokemon Rockruff dubbed, Lycanroc, GameSpot reported.

In addition to unveiling a couple of new Pokemon-specific Z-moves for Eevee and Pikachu, the game developer confirmed that the Pokemon Bank feature will not be included in the upcoming games at the time of their scheduled launch in November, but will instead come in January next year.

Stay tuned in here for more updates.

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