Edward Norton From Fight Club Can Talk About His Ivy League Degree


The only rule in "Fight Club" is not to... talk about the fact that Edward Norton is not only an acclaimed actor. But he is also a Yale graduate.

Aside from being an actor, Edward Norton is also a director, producer and screenwriter. But not many know that he holds a degree in History, cites KR CR Tv.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Edward Norton attended Camp Pasquaney in Bristol, New Hampshire. It is interesting to note that he already fell in love with acting at such a young age. He received the acting cup in 1984. During the summer, he maintained the camp as the theater director. In 1987, he graduated from Columbia's Wilde Lake High School.

Afterwards, he attended Yale University. He was also into sports and competed in rowing. He never neglected his acting though. He joined the university's productions. In 1991, he graduated from Yale University and received his Bachelor's degree in history.

But he did not proceed to acting right away. He moved to Osaka, Japan to help his grandfather's company (Enterprise Community Partners). Did you know he also speaks Japanese?

When he moved to New York City, he started to get back into acting by joining the Off-Broadway theater. But many of his notable works are on screen. Many know him from his role in "The Incredible Hulk" and "Fight Club." "I feel that Fight Club really, in a way ... probed into the despair and paralysis that people feel in the face of having inherited this value system out of advertising," says Norton when asked about "Fight Club,"

But aside from acting, he is also an active environmentalist. He is actively participating in building housing and raising charity funds for various organizations.

So the next time you see him on screen, remember that he has a degree in History.

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