Jonathan Clements to College Graduates: Pursue Dollars, Not Dreams


Focus on making and saving money, get uninteresting but high-paying jobs, save as much as you can and buy yourself financial freedom to pursue your dreams later in life. This is what financial expert and author Jonathan Clements advises college students.

While it goes against popular belief that fresh college graduates, young and free from the responsibilities of family and paying mortgage should go out, see the world and live their passion, Clements thinks otherwise.

Clements pointed out that buying things really doesn't bring much happiness. He said that being frugal early in life doesn't make you miss out that much and at the same time allows you to prepare for your retirement early on.

"Four decades is an awfully long time to do the same thing." Clements noted. He said that it's best for college graduates to start young with savings and investment so that we can enjoy the coming years with compounded interest earnings.

Entering the workforce in your 20s could mean being thrilled and excited which is a good thing. However, in the next 10 years or so, our passions may have changed and we may no longer be happy with our jobs and might need to change careers and start over.

This is where getting into a great financial shape early in our grown up lives helps. Having the right financial resources available gives us more wingspan to shift gears and pursue our dreams.

Clements also noted that shifting careers and changing jobs are not always related to living your dreams. In today's changing economic landscape, disruptive technological advances, and emerging markets, changing a job and shifting a career is a probability.

Research also shows that satisfaction in life is U-shaped, meaning when we're younger, we seek recognitions and promotions but as we reach a decade or 2 on the job, the happiness declines as we are bothered by office politics and company rules.

This disenchantment with our situation then leads us to the bottom of the U-curve and eventually seeking what means the most to us and then doing it.

Now, this is where having the dollars becomes important. Why? Because it will help making the shift less stressful. It doesn't make things easier but it will allow you to get up in the morning to do what you really want and not go back to the career that no longer makes you happy.

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