'Pokemon GO' Cheat, No Jailbreak: Player Shows A Working Hack after Update, Not Getting Banned - Better Than Teleporting Method


The madness in "Pokemon GO" can still be felt around the globe. Following Apple's announcement to make the game available on its smartwatch - there is also a new update on "Pokemon GO" cheat that won't get you banned.

"Pokemon GO" cheat to let players move around with a joystick

A video demoed by iCrackUriDevice previously showed how users can cheat the AR game using a hack that allows them to utilize a joystick. He showed off the cheat in two iDevices, the jailbroken iPhone and the non-jailbroken iPhone.

The 13.41 minutes video shows in detail, how iPhone users who wish or do not wish to jailbreak their devices can opt for the hack. However, a computer is needed to download the software. To prove that his hack runs on the latest update app, iCrackUriDevice then shows off his Pokemon buddty, Squirtle, before switching to Eevee.

"Pokemon GO" cheat to fake location

The hack allows player to get tools to fake location. There are also many other settings including adjusting the speeds and make the joystick invisible. The cheat uses Apple map interface so players can select location and walk to the designated coordinates.

In the video, the player explains how the method is more preferable than the previous teleporting methods because it allows players to tap and walk, and even adjust the speed instead of just jump from one spot to another - which could get them banned.

It also lets players be informed on which Pokemons yield the best result by choosing a monster to focus on.

Niantic is constantly developing the systems to find and ban hacks and bots, BGR reported. Hence, players should be careful when playing "Pokemon GO" especially if they want to use hacks and bots as it could risk their account getting banned.

Here's the video on how to install the "Pokemon GO" cheat by iCrackUriDevice!

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