'World of Warcraft: Legion' Secrets Uncovered: Hippogryph And Kosumoth Found


Blizzard has always been fond of secrets and a one whopper has been discovered in "World of Warcraft: Legion".This particular whopper is literally a monster, a sea monster to be exact named Kosumoth the Hungering, a world boss who take the lives of anyone it cast a spell into, especially when not stopped.

Players around the globe has been knowledgeable that Kosumoth exists since a reference of him has been found while Legion is being data-mined. That is the information that we have gathered as of the moment. Players have also came across him in the beta version of legion, since he needs testing, reported.

However, on the live servers of World of Warcraft: Legion, Kosumoth doesn't just there to simply exist. That is, something has to be unlocked and done before anyone could come across him. But no one is knowledgeable about that yet. Furthermore, there is no single person who cared. Players have been looking to some other directions according to WOWhead.

Players have been looking for a different treasure, one that could be traced back in 2007. That is, a hippogryph skin that can be found in the game however not seen or used by many. Thus, it has been named: The Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph.

Kosumoth the Hungering has been found. The players who caught a glimpse of him fought him hard, only to find out that the opponent Alliance factions has already been there doing just a similar activity- obviously, they knew about the news as well. Certainly, it has been very apparent that anybody who tries to spawn Kosumoth will have to spawn the whole World of Warcraft servers, and anybody else could read the message that the whopper is there.

Often times, the hunting experience in itself is where the genuine thrill is discovered. In fact, the person who successfully spawned Kosumoth the Hungering sad that it was one of the most impressive adventures he have been through in the World of Warcraft.


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