Which Next GEN Console Should You Buy: PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio Xbox One, or Nintendo NX?


Radical changes in the archetypal console span have undergone a complete overhaul. The market has just a few key players from PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Purchasing a console is no-brainer, this is due to the compelling features that various consoles have to offer; well, in the next few months this purchasing decision is going to be more complex.

Many gamers wouldn't mind having a Nintendo that's coupled with voice support, a PlayStation 4 that's compatible with the g25 steering wheel, or an Xbox one that's free from region lock. Well, why not wait for the most powerful console ever as proclaimed by Microsoft? Unleashing a 4K gaming experience, 6 teraflops of graphical power, and a hi-fidelity Virtual Reality. As if that's not enough, the console will be compatible with Xbox one accessories and games, The Guardian Reported.

If that's not the case,  you must be interested in the upcoming Nintendo-NX, sources leaked information concerning this console and they claim it will have detachable controllers; this raises questions concerning the ease of use but anyway the design concept seems to be a mutation of 3DS and Wii U. The NX will facilitate use in various configurations for those who intend to use larger screen or dock stations.

As mentioned earlier, the compelling features provided by the three consoles leave most gamers torn between the seven options that are available, PC Authority reported.  Well, having caught a glimpse of the basic features that will couple the upcoming consoles; the decision becomes more complex. The Xbox project Scorpio will offer a 4K experience and a high-fidelity VR despite Microsoft's inactivity in the field of VR. PlayStation Pro will also feature a 4K experience.

This begs the question whether 4K is the next console's standard feature and will gamers be forced to purchase TVs with this capability? The Nintendo NX's mutation with 3DS and Wii U is just a thrill in itself that's worth the wait. 

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