'Metal Wolf Chaos': The Most Patriotic Game On Xbox [VIDEOS]


The plot of "Metal Wolf Chaos" is very suitable for the current situation in America. The said game was said to be the most patriotic game available on Xbox. The gameplay, however, might be a bit obsolete.

While there are many partriotic movies to choose from, there are next to nothing when it comes to video games. However, there is one rare game called "Metal Wolf Chaos". The game itself very much define America today. It is a time of great technological advancement, there is a great division among people and  the highest office in the White House might fall into the hands of a fascist, Geek reported.

The American Patriotic game "Metal Wolf Chaos" exists but not in America. The game was exclusively released for Japan. Also the game is only available in the original version of Xbox which is virtually ignored in Japan. Created by the same developers that made the Dark Souls series, the video game was released in 2004, Tech Times reported.

The game's storyline  is set in the first quarter of 21st century: a time when the great America is filled with chaos. The people are not happy and a civil war started. The Vice President, Richard Hawk decided to start a coup d'etat. Since the military is on his side, Hawk easily seized the country and took control of America as its president. First thing that Hawk did was reinstating the once abolished practice of slavery.

While things are not looking very good, there is only one hope for freedom and that it the US President himself: Michael Wilson. He was the 47th President  and was a descendant of United State's 28th President, Woodrow Wilson.

Michael Wilson was eqquiped with a mech suit called Metal Wolf. Using the suit, which is secretly developed by the military, Wilson wages a war all by himself in an effort to take back America and make it great again. Watch the gameplay and trailer below.

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