‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 59 & 60 Preview Trailer And Spoilers: Gowasu Poisoned? [UPDATE]


Gowasu is in grave danger as his evil apprentice, Zamasu plots against him. Warning: the following contain spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59.

The recently released preview trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" shows Zamasu and Gowasu having snacks together while Vegeta, Son Goku, and Trunks learns about his true identity. In the beginning of the trailer, Zamasu can be seen serving the snacks. At the end of the preview trailer video, a cup of what looks like green tea drops and spills, Yibada reported.

The official synopsis of the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 59 also describe the plot. It says that Zamasu has a pair of Potara and only a Kaioshin, or Supreme Kai, is the only qualified person to wear such. Because of it, Goku and his companions figured out that Kaioshin Gowasu is in grave danger. So, they head to Universe 10 which is where Gowasu is, Attack of the Fanboy revealed.

Meanwhile, rumors regarding the 59th episode says that Black Goku is getting nearer. The same rumor also claim that Goku and Vegeta was already aware of their enemy's weakness. While there is no official comment about it, fans are still excited to see the upcoming events.

The synopsis of episode 60 is also revealed! The synopsis spoils about the death of Gowasu who will be killed in the upcoming Episode. Now that the proof is known to Beerus, the God of Destruction, Zamasu will be destroyed. However, Trunks is still feeling uneasy and will head to the future to see if things goes well.

A Twitter user, @Herms98, has provided more explanation about the updoming events in "Dragon Ball Super". He also posted synopsis and air dates for episode 69 and episode 60.  The preview summaries which are collected were combined info from two sources according to @Herms98.

Episode 59 of the "Dragon Ball Super" Series will air on September 25. The Episode 60, on the other hand will be aired a week after (October 2).


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