Apple Rumor, Leaks on Macbook Pro 2016 Release Date: 'Stay Tuned' Means 'It's Time'?


Apple could reveal Macbook Pro 2016 soon. Previously leaked email from Tim Cook stated that you should 'stay tuned'.

Apple might save the best for last as the previous iPhone 7 announcement does not bring many surprises to the viewers. The rants have talked about the rumored specs before and the September 7th event seemed to only confirm about them. The big question, at the moment, would be, when is the Macbook Pro 2016 release date?

Apple rumor: Macbook Pro 2016 could be revealed soon?

In an email believed to be legit; Tim Cook replies to an anonymous sender, saying that he and his team are very committed to the Mac and asks the person to stay tuned for the updates. By the way Cook replies the email, he seems to be casually talking to the person without formal writing style.

At this point, there is no confirmation whether the email is from Cook himself and many have doubted the legitimacy of it. However, according to 9toMac as reported by the TrustedReviews, the email could be from Apple headquarter's server, judging from the header.

Apple rumor Macbook Pro 2016: specs and major upgrades

Apple might equip the Macbook Pro 2016 with the Kaby Lake processor. A major upgrade, if rumors are true, would be the appearance of Dynamic Function Row or the new OLED touch bar that replaces physical function keys. Other possible components include AMD Polaris-based GPU, and Touch ID sensor, MacRumors reported. The Macbook Pro 2016 could also sport a thinner and lighter design.

When is the Macbook Pro 2016 release date?

Apple superfans should probably stick to Bloomberg's statement who claimed to have spoken to internal sources. The Macbook Pro 2016 is expected to be launched this September. This seems to be a legit information given that the same sources have accurately predicted about the 'See You' event keynote, which are the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch upgrades, minus the Macbook Pro.

Whether Apple would announce the Macbook Pro 2016 in a big event, or quietly upgrade the already-old laptop into something better this month - the fans will have to stay tuned.

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