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Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Clarifies His Comments toward Obama; Obama Doesn't Take His Comments Personally.


Friday - The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte conversed with The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama while they were in Laos, further explaining that he did not harbor ill-will, and that he did not use foul language towards him.

According to, in a speech made by President Duterte to the Filipino community in Indonesia, the president mentioned that during the short encounter that they had at the just ended ASEAN Summit, he clarified and explained what he said to Obama, further pointing out that he never made those statements.

Until Monday reports surfaced that President Duterte had apparently called the US President a "Son of a Bitch," the two presidents were said to be scheduled to meet in Laos, but that meeting had been cancelled by Obama's party.

It was all over media that Obama is dismayed by the rising death toll in Philippines under President Duterte's highly publicized war on drugs, but Duterte states that the media somehow manage to distort his word, and explains that although he did "swear," it was not directed at the US President.

After Duterte explained himself to the fellow president in Laos, Obama simply told him that his men will talk to Duterte, to which the Philippine President replied, "OK."

Based from a report done by VOANews, with this verbal incident, many are assuming that the relationship between the Philippines and the US will become strained, but in a recent speech by Barack Obama, he clarified that President Duterte's comments will not impact Philippines and U.S. relations. Also stating that he does not take these comments personally, and just feels that what Duterte had said was just his manner of speech. He further confirmed that his team will be meeting with Durterte soon to discuss how the can move forward with varying issues.

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