Male CEOs with Daughters Pay More Than Peers Who Have Sons, Study


There are lots of benefits to having a male boss! Just wish that he has a daughter!

Male bosses who have a daughter are found to be more generous and caring in the workplace and are claimed to pay higher wages, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark, the University of Maryland and Columbia Business School.

Researchers arrived at the conclusion after examining the wages that male chief executives, at more than 10,000 Danish companies, paid their employees over the course of a decade.

The study found that the chief executives paid $99 less in annual compensation per employee after he had a child. Researchers said that it is not rare for male chief executives to 'claim a firm's resources for themselves and their growing family, at the expense of their employees'. This finding is only applied to male bosses who had sons.

When Professor Michael Dahl's team closely inspected the data, the fluctuation in pay varied on the gender of the CEO's child. They reduced the salaries when they had a son, but not after having a daughter.

Scientists believe that daughters bring out a man's caring side. They develop the tendencies when they start to brush their daughters' hair or play dolls with them. In such scenarios, male chief executives, tend to have more generous impulses toward employees which might force them to think twice on wage cuts.

Previous studies on father's generous behavior linked to having a daughter have produced similar results. American legislators with daughters are claimed to vote more liberally.

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