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'Pokemon Go' Update: Niantic Permanently Bids Goodbye To Cheats, Captcha System Deployed; Mapping Trackers [NOT] Affected?


"Pokemon Go" developer Niantic has already initiated a permanent ban policy for game cheaters. Niantic reportedly took an extra step in trying to block fraud while its new captcha feature is integrated in the game to authenticate players and ensure they are not robots. However, this may not affect mapping trackers if Niantic would just focus on Pokestops and catching Pokemons, reportedly.

In the most recent "Pokemon Go" update, the new captcha feature was added to prevent game cheaters from using bots and other third-party trackers to bypass the Pokemon Go rules. While it appears that Niantic has not utilized the new captcha feature yet, hackers digging around the app's codes found references to it. Once the feature is enabled, the use of third-party devices will be more difficult.

It is only a matter of time before bots and other hacks stop working according to a "Pokemon Go" bot creator, Business Insider reported. Insta-PokeGo creator Steven Bartell, on the other hand, believes that the new captcha feature would be really tough to crack. Insta-PokeGo website was utilized to catch 3.3 million Pokemon in less than a week but Bartell said it would be terminated to to keep players who used the tool from getting banned.

The use of "Pokemon Go" mapping trackers such as FastPokeMap is also suggested to cause a user to get banned. However, no one is sure whether mapping trackers would really be affected because it would depends on how Niantic uses the captcha, BGR reported.

Bartell said that using map trackers may be fine if Niantic would only use the new feature when players spin a Pokestop or try to catch a Pokémon. However, if  Niantic decides to deploy the captcha as they see any sort of suspicious behavior inside "Pokemon Go's" gameplay, then mapping trackers may also cause users to be banned.

Other "Pokemon Go" cheats may still continue to work, however. The ultimate "Pokemon Go" hack that allows players to walk anywhere in the game without having to leave the house is expected to be spared from the captcha threat. Watch this "Pokemon Go" map tracking cheat.

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