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Mel Gibson Comeback: Actor and Filmmaker's 'Hacksaw Ridge' Receives Standing Ovation at Venice Film Festival, Gibson Slams 'Batman v Superman?'


Mel Gibson finally returned to directing after a decade of absence. His new movie "Hacksaw Ridge" that set during World War II, was premiered at Venice Film Festival.

The movie and its director received positive remarks from the critics and audience. The "Braveheart" star, Gibson, and the lead actor of the world war movie, Andrew Garfield, were praised. Garfield, portrays the role of U.S. Army medic Desmond Doss.

Mel Gibson is known for directing movies "Braveheart," "Lethal Weapon," "The Passion of the Christ," and "Apocalypto." Now, the 60-year-old director and actor's 2016 comeback film, "Hacksaw Ridge," received standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival, Deadline reported.

His new movie is set during World War II's Battle of Okinawa. It follows the story of an army medic Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield). Garfield portrays the role of a non-violent hero.

In the trailer, it reveals that Doss doesn't believe in violence, and doesn't like using a gun. Instead fighting enemies with weapons, Doss backs up soldiers and evacuates those who have injuries away from the enemy lines.

"Hacksaw Ridge" released date is set for November 4, 2016. Currently, the movie was graded 91% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Other cast members of the upcoming movie are, Vince Vaughn, Teresa Palmer, Sam Worthington, and Luke Bracey.

Gibson boasted that his 2006 movie "Apocalypto," with a budget $40 million, hovered around $30 million mark, and it garnered $120.7 million at the box office, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Meanwhile, the "Lethal Weapon" actor was reported slammed the superhero movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice."

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has successfully garnered 872.7 million USD at the box office. However, not all critics were impressed with the story, and even Gibson. In a recent interview, Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. told Gibson that the superhero movie's budget is 250 million USD. The 60-year-old director replied, "And it's a piece of sh-. I'm not interested in the stuff."

Gibson added that the real superheroes didn't wear spandex, and he wonders why "Spandex must cost a lot."

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