'Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice' Honest Trailer: Plot Holes Revealed [VIDEO]


Parodies are every just an affectionate but humorous imitation of what is popular, and various forms of media has utilized this either to pay homage to greatness, or to point out the obvious. Either way, some have made it entertaining enough to be worth paying attention to.

Now, movie have it rough - both movie trailers and the movie itself are scrutinized often, big budget blockbusters are not even safe. According to HitFix, such was a scenario of this year's DC superhero movie, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

SceenJunkies has been known to create incredible content regarding film and entertainment in general. One particular series that they have that almost everyone is waiting for their Honest Trailers. Honest Trailer consists of cuts from a movie trailers, good or bad, with voice over from the "Honest Trailer Guy," Jon Bailey.

Fans of the YouTube series were treated to an honest trailer for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which seems to echo every bit of criticism about a movie that divided the opinions of film critics from the audiences. Many of the plot holes of the film were cleverly pointed out, even down to the product placements. A great deal of the trailer concentrated on the reasons why the film received mixed reviews, while injecting humor into the issues that have plagued the film right from the very beginning.

The convoluted scheme of the movie antagonist, Lex Luthor was even made fun of, but does give logic on how one would find it all too confusing and at the same time, amusing. They also did not forget to point out the portrayal of Luthor, by actor Jesse Eisenberg, describing his portrayal of the iconic Superman villain as cartoon-ish.

Perhaps the funniest part of the honest trailer is them saying, "Watch Zack Snyder prove once and for all that the hero he really wanted to make movies about is [Batman]. Or at least his weird, murdery, fan-fic version." This statement seems to play on the idea by many fans that what they have watched is a "Batman" movie, with Superman as a guest character.

As expected, the honest trailer also covers "Martha" - the big twist that got fans scratching their heads on how a huge conflict between two iconic heroes can be stopped by just having moms with the same first name.

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