Bar Exam Results: Georgia’s OOPS! Mistakenly Announces People Failed


Taking the Bar exam is big news. It becomes bigger news when it comes to the results. However, it seems that somebody made a mistake in the announcement.

The Board of Bar Examiners that there are those who took the July 2015 and February 2016 Bar examinations that resulted in a failed score. However, it recently came to light that these 90 Bar applicants were mistakenly notified that they failed the exam. In fact, Above The Law has it, they actually passed.

When The Board found out about this big boo-boo, they immediately notified the applicants to rectify the situation immediately. Imagine how it must feel after taking the exam last year and earlier this year, to find out that they failed a few weeks or months after being notified. Now, imagine how it must feel right now when somebody calls them and takes it back.

The emotional, mental, psychological and professional trauma these 90 individuals had to go through must weigh heavily. The Georgia Board is exerting a ton of energy to notify each of them personally.

One individual tells ATL that after being informed that he failed The Bar, he lost his job. In addition, he got married and had a child after the exam. After being notified, all he is being offered is a refund for the second bar exam.

How did this error come about? It seems that there are scoring errors on the two exams. These come from two separate errors. The July 2015 scoring mistake came from an abnormality in test results when an applicant applied through another state. As for the February 2016 exam, the new scoring metrics were to blame.

These ninety hopefuls are experiencing tremendous emotional turmoils at the moment and John Sammon, the chair of the Board of Examiners, says taht they will take full responsibility.

"As attorneys ourselves, we recognize the seriousness of this mistake and deeply regret the distress we know this has caused. We have conducted a thorough investigation. We have determined the causes of these errors," says Sammon. They are confident that this will not happen again.

Looking for tips on how to pass the Bar exam? Check out this video below!

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