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WWE News & Rumors: Cesaro Likely To Throw In The Towel After Sheamus Feud; Why Wrestling Fans Believe Roman Reigns Is Cheating?


In a bid to determine the most dominant wrestler among Cesaro and Sheamus in the WWE, the duo is currently in the midst of a Best-of-7 series.

Although the WWE Universe is solely behind "The Swiss Superman," Sheamus has emerged victorious in the first three matches, leaving no other option for Cesaro but to win all four remaining matches in a row or lose the series.

Apparently, there are a couple of reasons that sparked the Cesaro-Sheamus series of matches. First off, either the WWE is working a babyface come-from-behind for the Swiss wrestler or the professional wrestling company just wants Sheamus to win the series, which is quite confusing actually since Cesaro is a fan-favorite, rising WWE super star while Sheamus has been stagnant for a very long time now, 411Mania reported.

The second reason is nothing short of shocking as well. Rumors doing rounds hint that Cesaro is on the verge of the end of his WWE contract and has only about 30-45 days left on his deal. But, Cesaro has not signed a new deal, and if his reported frustration with his current role in the WWE is anything to go by, the "King of Swing" might be throwing in the towel in near future.

It can be recalled that Stone Cold Steve Austin asked Vince McMahon on his podcast why the World Wrestling Entertainment wasn't supportive of someone as skilled as Cesaro.

That is when Mr. McMahon made the brass ring remark noting that Cesaro was an amazing wrestler, but he missed something that prevented him from becoming a main event star in the WWE. Mr. McMahon's comments could allude to Cesaro's below average skills on the microphone or there is a possibility that WWE believes he is unable to make an impact on wrestling fans.

Its no secret that Cesaro is been less than average on the microphone, but he is no worse than some like Roman Reigns who the WWE has been pushing to the moon.

No doubt, Reigns is one of the most charismatic WWE superstars, but he has come under fire from the WWE Universe on more than one occasion. Although this is not the first time "The Guy" is involved in a controversy, several fans have recently tagged him as a cheater.

Reigns has lost the WWE World Championship and was even suspended for 30 days a couple of months back for violating the company's Wellness Policy. But that's not all; he has also been downgraded to midcard recently.

To make things worse for "The Big Dog," more than 3,700 wrestling fans want him to dump his Kevlar vest citing it as illegal. A petition from claims that Roman dons an illegal vest in a bid to protect himself against his opponent.

Although, this petition is nothing more than a way to troll the three-time WWE champion and the professional wrestling company, rebuilding the character of Reigns could actually do wonders for his career. Reigns has been wearing the vest in question since he first made an appearance in 2012 as part of the now-disbanded, The Shield.

It looks like Reigns has not yet moved out from the shadow of The Shield, unlike Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, his former teammates. It's probably the right time to pull the trigger on a Reigns heel turn, according to reports on Daily DTT.

Do you think Reigns, who is just entering his prime, will get over by showing off a new and more realistic character with a heel turn? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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