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'Variety' Hacked By OurMine Hacking Group; Separate Hackers Revive Suspended Twitter Accounts.


The hacking group, "OurMine" who were said to have hacked into Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's social media account, has claimed another victim. In a report by Digital Trends, just recently, subscribers of the big media, "Variety" has been powered spammed, while another hacking group revived dead and suspended Twitter accounts, with the intention of selling them.

The hack targeted Variety's content management system at around 9AM PT, Sunday and posted a content which Engadget reported, was then brought offline. Not contented with taking over Variety's CMS, the hackers proceeded to spam Variety subscribers - flooding their inboxes with multiple copies of identical messages.

Variety release a statement on twitter, and urged their subscriber to ignore and delete any emails received from them. The entertainment magazine also said that they are looking into the "unauthorized communications" going out of Variety, and into their subscribers social media.

OurMine then clarified that the was merely a test on Variety's security, and advised the big media company to make contact with them to be educated on how to defend themselves from hackers, such as themselves.

Variety in turn, issued an apology along with a message clarifying that the emails that were sent were not of their doing, and that they are hard at work to resolve their issues, and will also update subscribers on their status.

Investigations are continuous as Variety has surmised that the security breach could come from an employee's password that is connected to the Variety content management system that has been compromised. Variety however, assures that none of their subscribers personal details were accessed or at risk.

In another hacking case according to The Wrap, another group of hackers known only by the name, "Spain Squad" has claimed responsibility for using an exploit that revives suspended Twitter accounts.

In an effort to prove their capabilities, the Spain Squad revived the dead Twitter account of the "Lizard Squad" black hat hacking group. The Lizard Squad was known for DDOS attacks on various gaming related sites.

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