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Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Retains the Headphone Jack? Dual-Lens Camera, Improved Home Button and 256GB Storage Confirmed!


Two more days and two new models of iPhone 7 will be seen hitting on the shelves of Apple retails stores anywhere in the world. The newest models of Apple smartphones are expected to exhibit new and exciting features including large storage, dual-lens camera at par with DSLR, improved home button and many more. Could it be true that amidst the rumors of headphone jack removal, Apple still retains the 3.5 mm old school technology?

The excitement was felt among fans of Apple products as the launching of its two newest smartphone models is fast approaching. iPhone 7 will exhibit new set of features and some were already confirmed true through verified reports while others remained under the roof of speculations until its launching day. Even Forbes is setting an expectation on iPhone 7 and that includes the removal of headphone jack. The possibility of its retention in the new model of iPhone is still high unless someone from Apple confirmed the truth in it. Though there are some features left under wrapped, features like dual-lens camera system, 256GB storage and improved home button are confirmed.

On the other hand, CIO Today reported about the possible effects on people regarding the removal of the headphone jack. According to the report, the change is likely to upset customers most especially to those who splurged out their hard-earned money just to have a quality wired headphones like Bose and Sennheiser.  The publication called the change as drawback rather than an improvement.

CIO Today interviewed a video producer in New York in the name of Russ Frushtick. According to him, hearing about the change burned him out given that he's been a loyal Apple products fan since iPhone 3. He added that he is the type of consumer who doesn't care about sound quality and third-party wired headphones worked out just fine for him.

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