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YouTube Ad Reveals Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs. Macbook Air; Macbook Air (2017) Less Useful?


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been featured in a new ad uploaded on YouTube. The ad comically portrayed the device using a song that describes its features. The video also revealed a comparison between Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Macbook Air.

The YouTube video implies that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 features detachable keys. It also comes with a pen, allowing users to write as they please which cannot be found on the Macbook Air. The song in the ad then literally says that the Macbook Air is less useful like a hat for a cat.

The ad continued with the song stating the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has Touch feature and sports a beautiful screen that allows users to see things like they have never seen. Then, the lyrics of the song went on to state that the Macbook Air does not quite compare to the device as it is slower, heavy and a bit square.

At the end part of the song, it states that users can fold the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in half. The ad seemingly implies that user could bring the device to function by saying hello, PC Advisor reported. The device is also suggested to be lighter than air according to the YouTube ad.

It still remains to be seen whether the features revealed in the ad are true and confirmed. However, it seems that it was not a good idea to compare Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Macbook Air as the production of Macbook Air 2016 has been discontinued, reportedly.

Rumor has it that Apple has not confirmed the release of Macbook Air 2016 because the device is disappearing. Apple is reportedly no longer planning to release the said device and will just release a Macbook Air 2017 instead, Mac World UK reported.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is now suggestedly left to be compared with Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. The Samsung device and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 shares the same unusual 2 in 1 feature, the detachable screens to create a standalone tab. Watch the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 video here.

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