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'Persona 5' Gameplay Teaser Review: Maid Cafe Feature Hints Purchasing Items In Cafe, Interacting With Waitress? [MORE HINTS HERE]


"Persona 5," the much-awaited role playing game, has received a new gameplay teaser which showcased the protagonist in a maid cafe setting in Japan. The video also showed the main character alongside Morgana the cat.

The gameplay video of "Persona 5" showed a maid café which is actually a tourist spot in Japan. However, contrary to the real-life busy day to day café service in most cafes, the maid café featured in the clip appeared to be quiet and calm, Destructoid reported.

The "Persona 5" teaser seems to confirm that items can be bought from the café and that players can interact with the waitress. The player's interaction with the waitress is suggested to boost the player's stats which is similar to the mechanics of the tea house in "Persona 3." To recall, the charm stat in "Persona 3" could be increased by simply hanging out in the location through the entire night.

More details about "Persona 5" revealed that Mementos Dungeons will also be part of the game. The Mementos Dungeons appear to be capable of transforming their appearances whenever a player gets inside them. It has been predicted that in order for players to reform the Shadows that are housed inside, they will have to undergo and win some quests, Game N Guide reported.

Furthermore, as players progress in the game narrative, the character is likely to have a Persona fusion as necessary. The players will be given the capability to choose which skills to include in the process. Players can also accumulate "Persona 5" XP bonuses based on the level of Cooperation Characters, apparently.

"Persona 5" reportedly requires at least 20GB of disk space available in order for the game to be installed. The game is expected to be released on Feb. 14, 2017 in North America and Europe. However, it is scheduled to release in Japan first on Sept. 15 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms. Watch the "Persona 5" maid cafe gameplay here.

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