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Marvel’s ‘Team Thor’ Update: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Zero Thor Appearance Ignites Buzz; Thor Creating Own Team?


Thor, believed to be the mightiest among Marvel's heroes, was nowhere to be found in "Captain America: Civil War" which resulted to fans questioning why Thor was excluded in the movie. It is important to note, however, that Thor was not mentioned in the comic book version of "Civil War" either.

For fans who wonder about the whereabouts of the Thunder God, Marvel recently released a video that reveals what the hero has been up to the whole time. Thor was last seen battling with Ultron in "Avengers 2." However, it turns out that he went to Australia after the fight to relax, BGR reported.

In Australia, Thor was seen making fun of a man named Darryl in almost everything the man does. The Marvel video pokes fun at the fact that the hero was just spending funny times with Darryl while his friends encountered serious fights in "Captain America: Civil War."

The short clip also shows Thor trying to figure out what the infinity stones are for and who is the purple man on a floating chair. The purple man is suggested to be Thanos which teases the connection of the character in the "Avengers: Infinity War" as well, Screen Rant reported.

Meanwhile, Bruce Banner explains how he did not want to get involved in the petty squabble between Captain America and Tony Stark. This may be the reason why Hulk did not make an appearance in "Captain America: Civil War" as well.

During a coffee talk, Banner tells Thor that Stark had no idea how to get in contact with him to which Thor answers he does not own a phone and suggests to send a raven instead. Thor then clarifies that that he was not disappointed that the two did not invite him to join their fight. He adds that he will just start his own team, a Thor team with Darryl.

Thor is actually considered dead in the storyline of the comic book "Civil War." This is the reason why he was not mentioned in the comic story. So, it also makes sense that Thor was not in the movie "Captain America: Civil War." Watch the "Team Thor" HD video here.

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