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‘China Mars Mission 2020’ Confirmed: Chinese New Space Superpower Beats NASA in Mars Exploration; Quantum Teleportation is Up Next?


Citing a high risk of espionage, USA forbids NASA from working with China in space exploration through a Congress bill passed in 2011. Despite the attitude of US lawmakers towards the People's Republic of China, they prove that they can have their own space superpower through their latest "China Mars Mission 2020" which was revealed recently. Aside from that, Chinese is looking towards exploring quantum teleportation which will be the first in the world.

The "China Mars Mission 2020" is evidence that the country is gearing towards the development of their own space exploration capabilities. The Space Flight Insider revealed that the 2020 Mars rover has a mass of 200 kilograms (441 pounds) that will operate for about three Martian months. Moreover, to be able to study the soil, atmosphere and environment of Mars, the rover has a built remote sensing camera and ground penetrating radar. It also aims to study the planet's inner structure, water and ice distribution and all other aspects of its physical fields.

Wang Chi of Chinese Academy of Science told The Guardian that throughout the years, Science played an important role in the space programme of Chinese. He said that the success they gained from fields of space application and space technology is not enough. Satisfaction is not their thing that's why they strive hard to contribute to human knowledge about the universe through the constant evolution of their space program. In fact, "China Mars Mission 2020" is the country's first Mars Mission and expected to have a return to the red planet on 2030.

Despite the fact that China was banned from the collaborative project called International Space Station (ISS) which involved United States, Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada, that never stopped them from doing space research and application. It's worth mentioning that China is the first country to launch world's first quantum communications satellite into space, conducting experiments related to satellite and ground stations quantum distribution. Also, they are about to make a big leap when they start to explore quantum teleportation which will be the first in the world.

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