'Star Wars' Theory: Is Rey The Big Villain In The Real Story? [VIDEO]


A new theory for the "Star Wars" series emerges which might ;ay down a different fate for Rey. Rey could be the biggest villain in the entire franchise. Here's what the speculations say.

Rey Palpatine grew up in a desert planet and later joined the galactic war between the light and the dark. She then taps into an ancient power called "The Force"  and then saves the da. Despite the huge earnings of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" fans are complaining about the movie being very similar to the "Star Wars: A New Hope". However, this could be a set up where Rey was being built up to be the biggest  villain in the "Star Wars" franchise, according to UPROXX.

The report was compiled from different collected theories of fans.  This was based and compared on the original "Star Wars" where Luke Skywalker learns in controlling The Force. It can be recalled that the Light Side of The Force is very much stronger compared to the Dark Side. However, the Dark side is "quicker, easier, more seductive.

Recalling the previous "Star Wars" scenes, it took one whole episode for Luke Skywalker to trust himself and The Force ("Star Wars: A New Hope") , and he has only used  a light saber on a training droid. In "Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back", Luke spent months just to lift X-Wings. By that time, he was not even ready to face the dark lord, Darth Vader.

One issue that composed the theory is how quickly Rey had mastered the use of The Force. She adapted to it very easily and quickly whle Luke took months of training with Yoda. It is also possible that Rey called upon the Dark Side when she defeated Kylo Ren, Metro reported.

Another comment that fans had made was that Rey has never seen someone utilise the Light Side of The Force, unlike Luke Skywalker. Also, the poster for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" shows Rey's staff parallel to the red lightsaber used by Kylo Ren. It could just be another poster coincidence. On the other hand, it vould be a hint to the real story behind.


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