Watch 'Rings' Trailer: A Horror Film For The YouTube Generation [VIDEO]


The awaited sequel of the famous horror film "The Ring" which revolves around a VHS video and a ghost of a girl drowned in a well, Samara.  The American remake of the 2002 Japanese film will be out in cinemas on October 28.

The third installment of "The Ring" franchise is already long-overdue. The original plot of the film features a VHS tape which includes a cursed video of a girl crawling out from a well. The video is then passed around or copied which is believed to be the cauuse of multiple deaths. It is said that the viewer dies seven days later after viewing the cursed video.

The VHS is now outdated and is literally dead. However, Samara was able to convert her VHS video into an mp4 format, which makes the third installment of the franchise scarier because it looks like horror film for the Youtube generation, according to MTV News.

 "Rings" is a story in the new age where a girl sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend. However, in the process, she learned that there is a movie within a movie and no one has ever seen it before. Samara, the villain in the story is now more powerful than ever up to the point that she can crash a whole plane. The first trailer relased also answers the question that most fans ask: why not break the TV? The trailer only features the few moves of terror that Samara can show-off, Independent reported.

This new horror film would feature a few recognizable actors such as Matilda Lutz who would play the role of the young curious girl.  Also, Vincent D' Onorfio will make an appearance as a wise sage character who understands more about the events that everyone else in the movie.

The entire concept of the movie is disturbing to the users of the Internet because it is possible that somebody might send the actual video through social media.


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