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When entering college or university, one of the things students most likely look for are clubs, groups, communities and societies where they can experience the best years of their lives, where they can belong and where they can connect with people.

But some people are unable to find that. What most people do not know is that they can start their own, according to the Telegraph. Drinking is part of the culture but you should know that there is much more to be found.

In your first year, you may not be even sure of what kind of field of study you want to take. But university is a chance for students to find out where you want to go and what you want to be. There are groups, societies and clubs that enable students to provide growth, encourage innovation and resources to develop talents. It is also an opportunity for one to get what one needs to get his dream job or at least be employable.

Studies, certifications and grades make the cut. However, extra-curricular activities like joining these clubs and groups are helpful in building your future.

But if you can't find what you want or if you can't find what is helpful for you, then you can start your own. Here are tips on how you can start your own society or club:

1. Speak to your union officers when it comes to promoting student growth and enterprise.

2. Your school rival in the same city may have a similar organization you'd like to set up. It's not embarrassing to ask for their advice.

3. Setting up a society is easy if one of the degrees in your university covers the subject. Get in touch with your course lecturers for advise on how to start up a society.

4. You need a budget. Create a decent and viable plan before you approach your university or union for help.

5. Don't feel down if you fail at first. Mistakes are part of the steps to success. Continue to persevere.

Find out what Cambridge's university clubs and societies are like through the video below:

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