Technology In The Classroom: Questions To Ask Before Using New Digital Tools


It was previously reported that technology in the classroom is still uncommon. A lot of classrooms still do not show evidence of students using digital tools to gather, evaluate or use information for learning. There is also no proof that students were using technology to solve problems, conduct research, or to work collaboratively.

Technology in the classroom is intended to make learning more effective and efficient. There are a lot of digital tools available out there. It's just a matter of finding apps that cater to the students' needs.

TED Ed shared three questions that educators need to ask before introducing new technology in the classroom. These questions are about student privacy, data ownership and equal access.

1. "What is the primary goal, and how will this technology choice support it?"

It was noted that disappointment is to be expected if student learning is dependent on the successful functioning of technology in the classroom. Teachers need to answer this question first before figuring out what type of program or app to use. This can save everyone from frustration.

2. "How will this technology choice broaden student perspectives?"

One of the best features of technology in the classroom is that it broadens the students' perspective of the world. With the technology available today, schools from all around the globe can be connected. This is especially helpful for opening students' eyes to what the situation is around the world as it happens.

3. "How is this technology choice going to help my students learn?"

Technology should not be integrated in the classroom just for the sake of using technology. Digital tools should not just serve to make education easy, like submitting homework and research papers online. Apps such as Google Docs and Dropbox certainly make it easier to share files online but will it improve the way they write? The ultimate point of technology is to generate transformational learning experiences. Technology in the classroom should not just make tasks easy for students; it should teach them the love of learning.

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